LT Synergy

International Alliances:

Governance, risk management and compliance are crucial challenges modern organizations are faced with. LT Synergy can help organizations of all sizes navigate through these challenges and constantly adapt to the vigorous changes enforced by the regulators and the market at large.

The following are some of the sectors we serve:


Banking, insurance and forex sector

We can support entities to:

  • Develop a holistic corporate governance framework and ensure it is compliant with the regulatory directives issued by the national and European competent authorities such as the European Central Bank (
  • Optimise their overall compliance framework by adopting international best practices, policies and procedures in the KYC/AML/transaction monitoring/customer on-boarding areas and implementing innovative software solutions.
  • Develop a governance and compliance culture through our professional trainings and consulting services.


Stock market listed companies

We can support entities listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange and/or any European Stock Exchange to ensure that their corporate governance framework is compliant with the relevant directives issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (, the European Securities and Markets Authority ( and/or other competent national authorities.


Other companies including SMEs

The following services are addressed to companies of all sizes, operating in all sectors of the economy:

  • Organizational effectiveness services: By analysing business areas or the whole organization, we enable companies to achieve organizational effectiveness and increase their productivity. We can support organizations in:
  • Analysing the existing organizational structure.
  • Documenting and optimizing business processes.
  • Ensuring that each process adds value.
  • Applying controls and metrics.
  • Designing and automating workflows.
  • Linking their operating framework with strategic objectives.
  • Professional training: We offer customised training programs, in our areas of expertise, adapted to your specific needs.

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