LT Synergy

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“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”

(Peter Drucker)

Successful organizations require efficiency both at the operational as well as at the strategic level. Strategy, operational framework, organizational structure and key governance processes are important constituents that can be reviewed as part of the corporate governance assessment process. The ability of an organization to align its strategic vision with its operational framework and execution, in combination with the ability to constantly change and improve, can be achieved through the design of an effective organizational structure and corporate governance processes.

We support organizations to evaluate their existing organizational structure and implement transformational projects to redefine and optimize their overall operating model by identifying problems and proposing specific solutions. Our knowledge of corporate governance and its direct relation with organizational effectiveness, in combination with our expertise in the areas of business process management and reengineering, enables us to support the efforts to achieve effectiveness and excellence.

The organizational effectiveness journey, involves integrating the elements of communication, accountability, delivery, performance and measurement, around the leadership of the organization. This leads to aligning vision and strategic objectives with efficient processes and practices.

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